I remember when I was a kid and we would go outside when the weather was warm. We loved to go outside and the thing we did for fun were very simple. One of the things we would do is just goof around. The girls might play hand clapping games while singing songs to each other with a lot of rhymes and the boys would play around with a football or basketball. All of it was very simple. We could make a game out of anything, even throwing rocks. These days it seems like kids don’t get out of the house for anything.

Kids are consumed by the internet and their electronic items. Its so bad to the point where you can’t even imagine kids without having access to one of these things. You don’t want your kids so over dependent on internet and electronic items to keep themselves entertained though. Too much focus on these things will make it harder for them to develop good social skills. Also, being glued to the internet or an electronic item can be bad for a kids health. So what we’re offering here are a few simple ways your kid can entertain themselves without using either of these options.

Get them puzzles to put together

Puzzles aren’t what they used to be. Sure, you can get the standard puzzle with a couple hundred pieces, but you don’t have to go this hard though. You can get the puzzles with the bigger pieces and special themes that are much easier to put together. Kids get a sense of accomplishment out of putting these together and it helps them to want to challenge themselves even more.

Show them how to make paper toys and shapes

One of the things we loved to do when we were kids was make paper airplanes and paper poppers. Paper poppers were the four cornered item you’d put your fingers in and open and close them. You’d mark them with numbers or words and play guessing games or fortune telling games. How many kids know how to do this these days? You can find demonstrations on the internet and show your kids how to do this. Then all the need is paper. It can be basic writing paper, colored paper, etc. In any case its dirt cheap and can lead to all sorts of fun.

Show your kids how to play different games with sports balls

We were broke when we were kids, but we could always get our hands on a basketball, baseball, golf ball or football. In many cases we could find these things at rummage sales for dirt cheap. One of the things we loved to do was make simple games out of using these balls. For instance when we had a basketball what we would do is get two can, crush them, put them a few feet apart from each other and them take turns throwing the ball at the cans. The game was called cans. If you missed a can you didn’t get a point, but if you hit it you got a point. You went up to a certain score and the first person to get there won. There are all sorts of ways to variate this game in order to make it more challenging and more interesting.

The internet and different electronic items aren’t a bad thing, but they shouldn’t be consumed too much. What was mentioned above is designed for younger kids, but this doesn’t mean you can’t find options for older ones to get them away from the internet and electronics.