Do you think your kid is safe when they are in the car with you? Chances are they aren’t as safe as you’d like to think they are. Your kids face several dangers when in a car with you that might not always have to do with just getting in an accident. The goal has to be protecting them from all of these things or at least as many as you can. Here are some examples of dangers outside of you getting into an accident that they face:

* Having you speeding and stepping on the breaks too fast at light or when you spot law enforcement. When you step on the breaks too fast because your goal is to slow down in order to avoid getting caught for speeding this makes your kids jump forward. If you have a baby then they’ll jump forward to. Even if they are in a top of the line car set the continued effects of doing this can be huge. They can have pain problems you might not even notice until down the line.

* You making weird movements when in a car too often. One of the main things that used to get us sick when we were kids driving in our parents car is when they would make sharp, fast turns. If we had something to eat or drink recently we would feel like we were about to puke our guts out. This made the rest of our ride miserable. You should avoid making quick, sharp turns too much with kids in the car.

These are just too small examples, but we can now get to the main focus and that’s making sure your kids are safe in the case of an accident. The best way to do this is to make sure you can first avoid accidents to the best of your ability. Make sure the following criteria are met when you have your kids in the car:

* Your kids shouldn’t be doing a lot to distract you. Some parents don’t mind this and their used to being distracted, but other parents need to be able to concentrate strongly when they drive. If their kids are causing them too much distractions then this can impair their ability to focus on the road, which will increase the chances of getting into an accident.

* You shouldn’t have certain toys in the car that make loud noises. These toys might be entertaining to your kids, but they can distract you when you drive. They can become irritating during long trips and before you know it you’re turning around constantly to tell your kids to put them away. Once again your eyes aren’t on the road and you increase the risk of an accident.

Besides simple things your kids can do in order to help you maximize your driving skills and minimize the chance of getting into an accident. You need to make sure everyone has on a seat belt. Babies should be in a safe car seat. You should make sure the seat doesn’t shift when you make certain moves. Doors should be locked and double checked before you drive off and side airbags effectiveness should be tested prior to going on any extended drive just to make sure they work.