Can Playing Tetris Help Reduce Cravings in Your Kids?

Hey parents, do you always tell your kids to stop playing video games? Well, how about telling them to play more video games?

Top Boredom Busters for Kids

If you have children or are a babysitter, you’re more than likely always looking for ways to entertain kids throughout the day. Caring for children is not an easy task. It requires patience and activities that are carefully planned, as children tend to easily get bored. If you’re looking [...]

Healthy Foods That Kids Actually Like to Eat

The following tips are based on the experiences of many mothers, as most children tend to refuse to eat fruits and vegetables, as well as other edibles.

Instilling Good Sleeping Habits in Your Kids

As a parent, our core and main job is to prepare our children for the next level of life. Ultimately, we hope to raise children who are able to function and make it in this world with great success. There are many factors that come into play when it [...]

Ways Kids Can Entertain Themselves Without TV And Internet

I remember when I was a kid and we would go outside when the weather was warm. We loved to go outside and the thing we did for fun were very simple. One of the things we would do is just goof around. The girls might play hand clapping [...]

Top Mom-Tested Discipline Tricks For Children

How many discipline tactics have you tried on your kids to no avail? Why do you believe these tactics don’t work? Well there are a few reasons. Lets take a look at two of them:

* Kids understand that at some point they can manipulate certain things that you do. [...]

Things You Should Never Say To Your Kids

What do you believe one of the hardest things is about being a parent? Well one of these things would be how to talk to your kid. Its very easy to end up saying the wrong thing and then have your kid get the wrong impression from it. You [...]

How To Tell If Your Child Has ADHD

Are you worried that your child might be suffering from ADHD? If you are then you might be worried about them having it for different reasons. Take a look at some of these reasons and see if they apply to you:

* Your worried that ADHD means your child is [...]

Spending Quality Time With Your Kids

How much quality time do you spend with your kids right now? Chances are you don’t spend nearly enough time with them as you think. These days parents have fallen victim to the same distractions a lot of teenagers have. They believe that they no longer have to be [...]

Raising Confident Girls

Do you want to raise confident girls? Well you’re going to have your work cut out for you. These days girls are so bombarded with messages telling them what they have to be in order to be considered valuable its ridiculous. Here are some of the major messages girls [...]