Do you want to raise confident girls? Well you’re going to have your work cut out for you. These days girls are so bombarded with messages telling them what they have to be in order to be considered valuable its ridiculous. Here are some of the major messages girls get put into their heads almost on a daily basis:

* If your not pretty enough or if you don’t do all you can to look attractive, then guys won’t like you. Think about the message this sends. It sends a message that the only way a girl can be valuable is if a man finds her desirable. It also tell her that the only thing she has to offer to the world is her looks. So basically all the girl becomes is a glorified ornament. What if she feels she’s not as pretty as other girls? Does this mean she’s not as valuable to society as they are?

* If you don’t dress the right way then your not going to get any attention. Attention is very important to girl at a young age. It makes them feel relevant. So imagine being told if you don’t go out of your way to present yourself in a certain fashion you’ll be ignored. This means you have to wear the latest fashion trends. Make sure you have the right electronic items. You have to have the right friends, take part in the right activities in order to be deemed socially desirable, etc.

The fact is that almost every message a girl receives on a daily basis is designed to attack her insecurities in order to sell her products. Use this product and you’ll get more attention. Wear this and the guys will like you. Use this and you’ll be better than the other girls. The message is the same, all you are as a girl is a sexual commodity and nothing else. This isn’t the way you want your girls to grow up thinking.

In order to raise confident girls you have to focus on instilling in them the right messages as early in their lives as you can. The main messages you should instill in them, especially if its the dad doing it would be the following:

* As a girl you have more to offer to the world besides your looks. Your a complete person and you can find people who will value you as such. Spending too much time on looks is going to hurt your development in other areas and you’ll end up being a one dimensional person.

* Focus on being as complete as you can and never be led to believe your inferior to guys. Besides from things that involve physical limitations you can use your mind to do anything you want to do. You have to focus on these things though and be serious about it. This way you can be a complete women that gets respect based on skills you possess and not just extrinsic qualities.

When you instill these messages into girls its easier for them to believe they have more to offer the world. Also in order to help strengthen the points you make show them examples of women who are good at certain things where looks aren’t the main focus.