Are you worried that your child might be suffering from ADHD? If you are then you might be worried about them having it for different reasons. Take a look at some of these reasons and see if they apply to you:

* Your worried that ADHD means your child is going to have a hard time fitting in at school. We all want our kids to be popular and well liked at school. If they have a problem such as ADHD then this might cause them to not fit in as well. This can lead to all sorts of social problems that the kid might internalize, which will lead to low self esteem.

* Your worried that if other people find out about the problem they might judge your kid the wrong way. Maybe they’ll think the kid is crazy or not safe to be around. Maybe they’ll think the kid is a little off and make fun of him or her. In any case your worried that there’s going to be a stigma attached to your child when and if other people find out about their condition.

These are very valid reasons, but these are things you just couldn’t worry about. What you would have to focus on is first finding out if your kid has a problem. Second would be you trying to figure out what you’re going to do in order to get help for them so that their life isn’t controlled by their problem. So first things first. Here’s a list of signs to look for in order to know if your kid has this condition.

* Your child has a very hard time staying still. They always have to move. Such a kid won’t sit still in a car, will not be able to sit still in class and for the most part is going to have a lot of energy they need to get out. At times a kid might even appear to be jittery.

* Your kid might have a hard time when it comes to being patient or having to wait to take a turn for something. An example might be the way they act when you have to wait in line at the grocery store or if you take them to a restaurant.

* Your kid might have a hard time finishing tasks. Sure, they’ll have no problems starting them, but finishing them is going to be a whole different story. Such a kid will never be able to build on anything, because they can’t be consistent long enough.

* Your kid might have problems with impulse control. This means they’ll make bad decisions, because they won’t be thinking. They won’t have the patience to.

* Your kid can’t get good grades in school because school is just too boring for them. This can also be the case when it comes to other things such as doing chores, meaning they just can’t focus on the task at hand.

If your kid suffers from more than one of these problems, then there’s a strong chance they have ADHD. What you can do for them is take them to a specialist first to see what can be done first without using medications. If their condition is really bad though, then medication might be one of the only ways to get it under control.