We all know that these days small kids are using the internet more than ever. It hard to not be wired in. Not only is internet access cheaper, but there are so many ways to access it. You have smart phones, laptops, tablets, etc. Add to this that every major restaurant chain has wi-fi as well as a lot of other public places such as the library and keeping your kid off the internet completely is next to impossible. So what do you want to do? Well the best thing you can do is monitor what they do, especially on social media websites.

Protecting your tweener is tough, but doing it through social media becomes the easiest way to do this. Tweeners are going to have accounts at different places and they’ll share things online that they would never share with you. Following we’re going to give you a complete action plan on how you can use social media to protect your tweener:

Make use of keylogging software to know what sites your tweener visits and what social media sites they belong to.

You might not like the idea of doing this, but as a parent it’s a smart way to go. Kids can have multiple social media accounts at the same site. You want to know about them all. Keylogging software or other software that lets you track what your kids do online is a powerful tool. Once you knew what social media websites and accounts they had then you could move onto the next step.

Register profiles on different social media sites

Sure, your kid will give you access to their main social media account, but not the ones they use for private conversations. These are what you want to have access to. By registering profiles at different account using a pen name you conceal your identity. What you would be doing is following your child actions as well as the actions of the people they were associating with.

Now doing this allows you to do several things. You can keep up on what’s being said. If your can’t get it from your tweener, then chances are you can be added on as a follower for some of the people that follow your tweener. So if you can’t get information from your tweener, then you can get it from someone else. Tweeners love to talk.

There special software you can use that can alert you whenever certain keywords or key phrases are used as well. This can be very valuable to you.

You’re trying to protect your tweener from people that might do them harm and you’re also trying to protect them from putting themselves in harms way. There’s no such thing as invading privacy its your job to keep your tweener safe. There are just far too many dangers out there and social media is where a lot of it is initiated. You have to use it as a tool to help protect your tweener.