If you have children or are a babysitter, you’re more than likely always looking for ways to entertain kids throughout the day. Caring for children is not an easy task. It requires patience and activities that are carefully planned, as children tend to easily get bored. If you’re looking for the top boredom busters for kids, keep reading.

The first and foremost way to keep children occupied during the day is to develop a regular routine for them. Doing so will help them understand what to expect each day. The schedule should include meal times, games times, naps, and boredom buster activities (below).

Top Boredom Busters for Kids

Play with the Child

Organize intervals throughout the day when you play with child. Choose activities that you like or have him choose. Young children like to play with many different things. They like to build things with blocks, play with dolls or cars, and etc.

Make Child Feel Valuable by Integrating Him/Her in Your Daily Tasks

A small child is not mature enough to perform difficult tasks, but to help child stay busy, make him/her feel valuable by letting him/her help you with chores. During the day, when you’re cleaning the house, give a small broom to child, and ask him to sweep the floor. Other tasks for a young child include dusting, separating laundry, and organizing different objects that are not of heavy weight. Throughout the day, ask child to help in various duties and activities. If you are preparing dinner, ask child to wash vegetables. If you are baking, make child add ingredients and/or let him/her stir the mixture.

Keep Some Things Away for a While

Certain toys and activities should be away until needed. For example, keep a bag of letters stored somewhere in the kitchen. When you’re washing dishes or doing some work in the kitchen, give the bag of letters to the child. Although they have already been used, most likely the child will enjoy playing with the letters again.

Turn on the TV

Most children do not have long attention spans. However, if you find a movie or TV show that child loves, it can entertain child for a while. It is never good for the child watch television all day, but watching a program from time to time will not hurt.

Break the Monotony

Take some time to do something fun with the child in order to break the monotony. Take some blankets and built a fort in the living room or help him/her create something.

Other Noteworthy Boredom Busters:

– Take child outside to play
– Buy child a fake microphone for him/her to sing on
– Put on an audio book
– Give child a camera in order for him/her to have fun taking photos
– Let child get dressed like his/her favorite superhero
– Have a picnic or tea party with child
– Let child dance to music of his/her taste
– Make up a story

Following the previously mentioned tips can help you place the boredom of any child to a halt. Try them, and see for yourself!