How likely is it that you’ll be able to keep your kids from getting a cold completely? Chances are that no matter how hard you try there’s going to be some point where your kid catches a cold. This doesn’t mean you have to throw in the towel though. What you can decide to do is minimize the chances that they’ll get one. Less chances of getting a cold means less chances for complications, possible trips to the doctor or days missed from school. Here are 7 simple ways you can do this.

Make sure your kids wash their hands consistently

Kids don’t really look out too much for what their touching and how bad it might be. So you need to make sure your kids understand when they should wash their hands. If they come in contact with anything wet, dusty or have been touching a lot of things outside then they should be washing their hands. Also after they use the bathroom or come in contact with other kids for prolonged periods of time.

Try to have some hand sanitizer available

There are going to be times when your kid just won’t have access to a bathroom in order to wash their hands. This is where hand sanitizers come in. You can find them for cheap and they work really well. This way its easy for them to do a quick hand wipe whenever they need it or whenever you feel they do.

Get your kid a flu shot

Flu shots are one of those tricky things, because there are some parents that don’t believe in them or might believe they can cause more harm than good. The fact is that a simple flu shot can save your child all kinds of potential problems down the line. And most schools require it.

Try to keep your kid away from people you know are sick

This might not always be possible to do, but where you have some degree of control you should minimize the contact your kids have with people you know are sick. This means possibly keeping them away from other kids houses and possibly even school if necessary.

Use sprays that kill airborne germs

One good product you can use to protect the air around your kids would be Airborne. This products kills the majority of germs in the air as to ensure it stays safe to breathe in.

Keep surrounding play areas sanitized

If you know your kids spend most of their day playing within certain spaces, then it might be a good idea to keep such areas sanitized. This can be done one a day first thing in the morning or at the end of a play day.

Give your kids vitamins to take each day

Vitamins are relatively cheap and they can really help kids to fight off colds. Try the gummy ones or the animal shaped ones if you feel your kid wouldn’t go for them. Sure, you might feed your kids nutritious meals, but no matter how hard you try they just might not get all they need from food alone.

These 7 tips if applied the right way will minimize the chances of your kids catching a cold.