We know regular exercises can be beneficial for one’s health in many ways, and that’s the case in a recent study about exercise benefits from one’s teen years. In a recent study published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, researchers found that women who exercised during their teen years were less likely to die from cancer later on in their lives.

Some take-away points for the study:

– Promoting exercise participation during adolescence is important to prevent mortality from cancer later in life.
– Exercise activity during teen years is still beneficial regardless of how active one is later in one’s life.
– Participation in team sports also seems to help prevent death from cancer later one in one’s life.

So how do you put this study in practical perspective when it comes to your family and your teens?

Over 74,000 Chinese women were surveyed over 4 years in this study. The researchers found a correlation between regular exercise during teen years and decreased mortality from cancer and other causes later in the lives of these women. So, it’s clear from the study to just get your teens to do regular exercises. Most teens, by habit, may be lazy, but encouraging them to exercise regularly will be one of the best thing you can encourage them to do for their health, as they will benefit later in life. Even if after they get older and become less active, exercises during the teen years can still benefit them. So start getting your teens interested in regular exercises and activities. Their life may literally depend on it!

An interesting finding in the study is that participation in team sport during adolescence is also associated with decreased mortality from cancer later in life. Needless to say, as a parent, you can encourage your teen to participate in these team sports. Be it soccer, basketball, or softball, encourage them to try out and join a sports team. It can be at school or a recreation league, just by getting them to participate regularly on these sport teams can mean health benefits later in life.

The conclusion of the article is what we would see as common sense: regular exercise definitely has health benefits that can last a lifetime. The significance is to instill this fact into teenagers that they should exercise regularly and/or take up team sports. Regular exercise and living an active lifestyle during the important teen years could literally save your teen’s life later on! Parents should understand the significance of this and strongly encourage their teens to exercise regularly.

If your teen sits around playing video games or watching TV all day, it’s time to put your foot down and tell them to get active. Don’t let you teenage child regret it later in his or her life. What they get from regularly exercise and active team sports participation will last them into their middle age and even later in life. We are talking about avoid death from cause life cancer! Again, this study says what we know by common sense. Get your teen to live a balanced yet active life style. Let them know the importance of regular exercises. Get the to go out and participate in team sports. They can have fun and develop social skills also. Most importantly, it could mean ever lasting health benefits for the rest of their lives.