Why do you think it takes so long to do the laundry? You have a hard time knowing what type of clothes you have to wash a certain way and because of this there will be a lot of confusion. You might have to invest too much time into sorting things out and then washing them in different loads in order to avoid problems with cross colors. There might even be problems as far as the type of detergent you have to use with a load and this can slow things down. We’re here to show you some effective ways to make doing laundry more efficient.

Create a system that makes sorting laundry easy and convenient

As you go through the week you’re going to have clothes you’ll discard right, because they need to be washed. Well why not go ahead and sort things as you go? The best way this can be done would be to have multiple laundry bags or buckets with labels on them to sort certain things. For instance you might have a basket for certain fabrics, certain colors you know have a high liklihood of bleeding etc. When laundry day comes you’ll already be organized.

Know which detergent you’ll need in advance for different types of clothes

The last thing you want to do is go to the store and purchase any old type of detergent. People do this because they believe they can just throw in a bunch of clothes and then use color safe detergent to get things done, but it doesn’t work this way. You need specific detergent and it would once again be good if you had some kind of a system to know in advance which clothes required what. This way you’d never be caught without the detergent you need and have to run out to the store to purchase some on the spot.

Be willing to adjust washing methods to the task at hand

Washing machines are designed these days to be more efficient than ever. In any case you still need to make sure you know how to use them appropriately with a given load. For instance, most people wash their socks and underwear altogether. If this is the case then a mini load would be good enough. The cycle will go much faster. Also try to use warm water more often than hot water, because warm water takes shorter to prepare. Not only will you save time, but you can save water.

What do you think doing laundry is going to be like when you know you can do it efficiently? You’ll certainly look more forward to doing it then what you do now. You’ll have cleaner clothes on a more consistent basis and you won’t have to consume so much time just to get it done. Laundry day won’t become a day you dread, but something you might actually look forward to. This is the way you want it and you should share the tips in this article with others around the house who partake in the laundry duties.