Why does it cost so much money to purchase the household supplies you need? Well one main reason is because most people have been brainwashed to believe if they don’t get the most expensive name brand items they see on television, then they must not care about keeping up their house as much as the person who does overspend. Is this true? No its not. So much comes down to personal preferences. What you have to focus on is being economical. So much of what you might need around the house can be had for reasonably low prices.

We’re in a tough economy and saving every dollar you can while still taking care of business is important. That’s what we’re here to help you do. Here are 4 ways you can save money on household supplies.

Don’t use strong dish soap to do dishes

Strong dish-soap can work well in some cases, but the problem most people have is that they think it has to be used in all situations. If you would just let dishes soak for a little while in hot water you’d be surprised at how little detergent you need. And if you decided to purchase strong dish-soap you wouldn’t have to apply so much directly. You could water it down so that it could last longer. Think of it like a can of orange juice concentrate. You add water and get a whole gallon of juice. It can be the same way with strong dish soaps.

Switch your light bulbs to fluorescent to save money

Although it might seem like common sense that these days most people would use economic options when it comes to light bulbs, most people are still behind in this area. Do you know how much money this is costing you on your electric bill? Not to mention the fact that older versions of bulbs don’t last very long and you have to keep repurchasing them. Make the switch to fluorescent options or other long lasting options in order to save money.

Don’t be afraid of store brand household supplies

There are a lot of people who don’t like to use store brands, because they are convinced these are inferior to name brand options. Well have you ever read the back label to see what amount of active ingredients go into these compared to the name brands? If you did you’d see that a lot of them are exactly the same. Store brands cost less and in many cases you get a lot more for your money. Store brands offer you the chance to get everything you need without breaking the bank.

Purchase items on sale or be sure to use coupons

Using coupons to purchase household items isn’t just for old grandmas anymore. These days there are so many coupon deal websites that you can find a coupon for virtually any household item you might need. If you have an idea of the exact items you use and how frequently you use them, then it becomes even easier. If you want to go even cheaper though you can always go to places such as dollar stores. Sure the items might not be the best, but if you’re really low on cash a single $5-$10 can get you most of what you’d need.