There are plenty of cities a family can go to in order to get away from it all. No matter what anyone tells you, going to different cities can be one of the best family vacations to go on. The name of the game is finding the right city. Now when you do visit a major city you can’t expect a slow paced, relaxing vacation. The purpose of such trips is to get out, enjoy the sights and sounds of the city, take a lot of pictures, etc. There are some places that can help you do this better than others. Here are 5 major cities that we believe can offer families the richest vacation experience.

New York City

New York City is a place where so many families are afraid to go, but they don’t need to be. The city has so much to offer that’s its almost impossible to get bored here. No matter what age children you have they’ll be able to find something to do or you’ll be able to find something to do with them. You have numerous Broadway shoes you can go to, you have the Central Park Zoo, the Children’s Zoo, various restaurants and sights you can see. If it helps you can consider getting a tour guide, just to make sure you see the whole city.

Washington DC

The nations capital is one of the best cities in America to visit, but there won’t be as much to do here as you’d find in New York. Washing D.C is more about taking in history and appreciating it. There are little under 20 different museums you can go to here for instance. And the sights make it almost impossible to not take countless pictures while here.


The majority of people who come to Honolulu come here because they just want to enjoy the Hawaiian air. People want to enjoy the beaches, oceans, the warm weather, etc. However, Honolulu offers a lot of fun for the family that wants to come here. The culture is very rich and the city gets so many tourists that it makes sure to offer something for everyone. You won’t find a city that’s going to go out of its way to be more accommodating.

San Diego

San Diego is perfect for families to visit, because it has some of the best weather you can hope to find anywhere all year round. There are a large number of different attractions that make this city so awesome. For instance you have SeaWorld, LEGOLAND and the San Diego Zoo. Just one word though, the city does tend to be a bit expensive so you’ll have to make sure you have a decent budget in order to come here. The same thing applies to cities such as New York and Honolulu.

American cities are just one option for families to vacation to. Don’t rule out international cities. Yes, they might cost more because of the cost to get there, but some cities around the world offer an experience for families that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.